Apoorve Dubey

Author Stupid and Rubbish


Stupid and rubbish, would you like someone to say that about you? The answer is probably not. But the fact is a lot of us spend our lives doing stupid and rubbish without ever realizing it. Life is short. It is made even shorter because of the speed at which we live our lives. We rarely get time to think and reflect about ourselves. The world existed before you were born. The world will exist even after your death. It is scary to think about it, but death is our ultimate destination. We may not realize that we are racing towards it.

Have you ever thought what difference does your existence make to the world? It is a question that has always fascinated me. I believe we ought to leave behind something that outlasts us. Otherwise, what else was the need of our existence for a brief period? Life is an opportunity for us to create something that outlasts us; an indelible footprint in the sands of time by contributing something that makes the world better than before.

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Writing goal is a powerful way of achieving them

Writing goals is a powerful way of achieving them. Once you write your goals they become part of your subconscious mind. Keep these goals where you can see them daily. Soon you will draw energy from your subconscious mind to achieve your goals. Your subconscious mind keeps working on your goals day and night. You just need to feed the goals to your subconscious mind by writing them and making a practice to look at them regularly. The most effective time to program your subconscious mind is first thing in the morning and before sleeping at night

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